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Saudi Arabia Population


Pharmaceutical Business in Saudi

Saudi Arabia Hospitals

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Saudi Arabia Pharmacies

Saudi Arabia Market Its an Opportunity

Strategy and Implementation Marketing Strategy

  • Focus KOL Drs and Class A pharmacies
  • Massages
  • 1st Choice as procedure
  • Adding & innovative
  • Clinical Studies
  • Workshops
  • AV activities Group meeting
  • Local Speakers & Conferences
  • Overseas doctor sponsoring (Regional, international)
  • Media Activities

Business and Strategy Plan (Hearing Aids Division)

  • Increasing our branches to cover 12-15 cities in KSA
  • Open dedicated Center for Autism, Speech and Balance Rehabilitation

– Which will add value to our company and will increase our sales 25-40 %

– Our expectations for this Center:

I.1st year   : 3 Millions SAR with net profit of 25-30%

II.2nd year  : 4.5 Millions SAR

III.3rd year   : 5 Millions SAR

  • Open the 1St Hearing Aids Factory in our region in co-operation with Starkey Company

Business and Strategy Plan (Laboratory Division)

  • Open the 1st dedicated Center in KSA for whole sales of Laboratory and Medical instruments

– This step requires keeping stock of Laboratory and Medical instruments

–  Power Of Stock Strategy will increasing our sales 30-35%

  • Participating directly in all tenders for all sectors like MOH , Military Hospitals , National Guard, Universities and all private sector

– Which will Double our sales in this Division

Business and Strategy Plan (Pharmaceuticals and Drugs Division)

  • Open Drugs Factory dedicated for unique drugs like Cancer drugs and Biotechnology Drugs.
  • Open the 1st factory in Asia and Africa for manufacturing Blood Products which is life saving products for each hospital.
  • Registering International Specialized Drugs for Cancer and Unique Syndromes.
  • Expanding in sales to Governmental sector for both registered and non-registered drugs.
    – We require financial sourcing as 80% from our sales are out sourcing due to lack of resources
    – We expect that we double or triple our sales if we distribute our products through our own sales chains

Business and Strategy Plan (Medical Cosmetics Division)

  • Open Website dedicated for sales of Cosmetics and other Healthcare products through Internet
    – We have already started for this step as we have reserved domain website called
    – We intend to offer free medical consultations
    – We intend to sell all Cosmetics and Healthcare products
    – We intend to deal with express courier like Aramex or DHL to deliver the goods to any place in the world


  • Our expectations to have net sales from this Division as follows :
  1. 1st year : 500,000.00 SAR
  2. 2nd year : 1,500,000.00 SAR
  3. 3rd year : 3,000,000.00 SAR

Business and Strategy Plan (BOON Pharmacy)

  • As we have a separated entity in retail sector which name is (BOON) and because of the potentiality of retail sector in KSA ,we plan to open new Pharmacies to reach more than 300 pharmacies around KSA in 3 years (100 pharmacies / year)
  • Expanding in retail sales to be subagent for all international drugs company


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